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2021 - 2022

One of our favorite activities is creative art and gardening workshops. During them you can create eco-postcards "with a message". Postcards are created using stamps and stencils. The workshop includes coloring and personalizing the prepared designs. Both blank and pattern-printed postcards are available to workshop participants.


The printed ones feature, among others:

  • flowerbeds with edible and ornamental plants - ready-made designs of flowerbeds with lists of designed plants;

  • flowerbeds with ornamental plants - designs of flowerbeds to be completed within the framework of the workshop (redesigning edible species);

  • sections of the city where you will be able to redesign greenery!

  • ready-made templates with holiday views and eco-messages - encouraging, among other things: to reduce the frequency of lawn mowing, to live in harmony with nature and to love weeds!

  • on blank postcards you can compose a plant bed yourself with the help of stamps and stamps.


Among other things, we conduct workshops as part of music festivals (e.g. Olsztyn Green Festival 2022, 2023), Earth Day festivals (e.g. Jakubowo Park in Olsztyn 2023), village festivals (e.g. Naterki 2022).


Create something special with us!

​ We are open to cooperation - we conduct a wide range of activities, from creating school gardens, through lectures, workshops, to educational campaigns. We encourage local government units, schools and educational institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, private persons, companies and the business environment to contact us.


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