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How to support us?


  We are a non-profit organization with an analytical and research profile. Thanks to your support, we can continue our educational and scientific activities. Maybe we'll build another edible community garden or organize a workshop about a permaculture garden?

Do it with us! ☼


By making a donation to our account, you help us to grow and develop. With your money, we will create, among others, more educational and edible gardens in the poorest corners of the world.

06 1140 2004 0000 3102 7763 6710


In the title of the transfer, please enter: "Donation for statutory purposes."

CSR cooperation

Cooperate with us! We invite companies from all over Poland willing to support us within the framework of CSR activity.


We can organize, for example, gardening workshops for you, set up a garden together, or plant a forest! Let's live in harmony with nature!

Public fundraiser

On February 27, 2019, we started collecting money for the continuation of the Global Garden Project.


Collection number: 2019/860 / OR. 

Business donations

Do you produce gardening materials or equipment? Or maybe hiking equipment or educational materials?  

You can give them to us in the form of a non-cash donation.


Call or write to us - together we will establish the details of cooperation!

Donate 1%

This is the easiest way to support our activities.


In the annual tax return done in Poland, provide the name of the Foundation, "In The Landscape," and add our KRS number (0000729566).  


Thanks to the collected funds, we will change the world for the better together!

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Create something special with us!

​We are open to cooperation - we conduct a wide range of activities, from creating school gardens through lectures, and workshops, to educational campaigns. We encourage local government units, schools and educational institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, private persons, companies and the business environment to contact us.


Check out all our projects and stay up to date by following our social media ❤

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