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Green Windowsill

2022 - now

Workshops entitled Green Windowsill (Zielony Parapet) are aimed at kindergarten and school students, employees of companies, and participants of occupational therapy workshops, among others. They are held both indoors and outdoors. These are gardening workshops combined with elements of hortiterapy, involving the creation of seedlings of home and balcony ornamental and useful plants. As part of the workshop, we transplant seedlings made in previous years at other institutions. We move them into larger pots and decorate the windowsills of institutions we visit. Each time, we also make more seedlings, with which we will endow other establishments in subsequent years. We show that contact with the earth, plants, and people can be enjoyable. We work with diverse groups to show that gardening can be a great hobby for everyone.

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On October 4, 2022, we visited the School and Kindergarten Complex in Gietrzwald. The facility was collecting potted plants to beautify the school windowsills. As we have a sizable collection of plants, we had to drop in for a visit! Of course, we wouldn't be ourselves if we brought only plants. President of the Foundation Mariusz Antolak brought dozens of seedlings of thicket and sansewier, pots, soil and... together with the students of the 4th grade, under the supervision of Alicja Kucharzewska-Samko, we greened the local school as part of a workshop on planting potted plants. The potted planters were created some time ago in Szabruk town by members of the Olsztyn Association of the Deaf. How simple it all is! ❤️

On November 21 we visited the Occupational Therapy Workshop at the Exceptional Heart Association. At the facility we conducted a gardening workshop combined with elements of horticotherapy, involving the creation of seedlings of domestic ornamental plants. The workshop was made possible thanks to the 10th edition of mini-GRANTS #dasie implemented by Miroslaw Arczak.

On November 24, 2022, we visited Britannica Kindergarten and Little European Nursery in Olsztyn. We conducted a gardening workshop combined with elements of horticulture, involving the creation of seedlings of domestic ornamental plants. We transplanted seedlings made in previous years in other places: we transplanted them into larger pots, pruned them to make them thicker, and decorated windowsills with them. We also created more seedlings in the workshop, with which we will endow other places in future years.

On April 24, 2023, we celebrated Earth Day at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. We conducted gardening workshops for students of the Jan Liszewski Elementary School No. 29 in Olsztyn and the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF Elementary School No. 33 in Olsztyn. Together with the students, we created several hundred cherry tomato seedlings. 

We would like to thank the Center for Cooperation with the Social and Economic Environment of UWM in Olsztyn for the invitation!

You can listen more about the event in the RADIO UWM FM here.

More shots from the visit of the Olsztyn Association of the Deaf to Sząbruk.  As the visit of our friends from the Association fell a day after Mother's Day, together with the children we decided to prepare little plant surprises for mothers: tobacco plants! The children prepared the seedlings themselves and handed them to their mothers ❣️May they grow and smell beautiful.