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2021 - 2022

We carry out educational travel lectures in the field of global education, which are aimed at a diverse audience. We are happy to cooperate with people with different types of disabilities, for whom such meetings are an interesting break from everyday life. Participants of the meetings are taken on trips to different continents, while learning about the problems of the global world, such as climate change. They have the opportunity to smell the scent of durian, try on African clothes and taste Caribbean molasses, from which rum is produced. We held travel lectures in numerous elementary schools (e.g. Wroclaw, Wikielec), high schools (e.g. Olsztyn, Gdansk), universities (Olsztyn, Gdansk), cultural centers (e.g. Lublin), centers for people with disabilities (Ilawa, Ostroda, Olsztyn). We are constantly cooperating with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, where for several years we have been making presentations in the University Library, as part of the Traveler's Library project.

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We take virtual tours to such places as:

Africa (Kenya, Seychelles, Ghana, Togo, Cape Verde), 
Central America (Dominica, Saint Lucia, Barbados), 
South America (Chile, Bolivia),
Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, Brunei),
Europe (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, San Marino, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria).

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Create something special with us!

​ We are open to cooperation - we conduct a wide range of activities, from creating school gardens, through lectures, workshops, to educational campaigns. We encourage local government units, schools and educational institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, private persons, companies and the business environment to contact us.


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