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Edible Landscape
Community Garden in Gietrzwałd

As part of the #EdibleLandscape project, implemented as part of the Active Citizens Fund, in the municipalities of Gietrzwałd, Stawiguda and Purda, together with residents, we will create rural ecological 'community gardens'.

These will be small spaces where we will plant fruit trees and bushes, perennial vegetables and herbs. They will be created on beaches, village squares and in schools. In addition to being pro-environmental, they will be places for integrating new and existing residents. Those who have lived here for years and those who have moved to this beautiful area more recently will be invited to workshops, lectures and exhibitions about community and permaculture gardens, edible plants and how such gardens operate around the world.

Stay tuned!

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A proposal for the design of a garden in Gietrzwałd was prepared by Małgorzata Tercjak as part of her engineering thesis. The thesis was prepared at the University of Warmia and Mazury, on the faculty of Landscape Architecture, under the direction of our Mariusz Antolak.

The Fruit Museum. Sounds intriguing? Why such a name? We would like to enrich the area of the Gietrzwałd Gardens with old varieties of fruit trees. The concept can be divided into two parts: development along the existing paths in the upper part of the grounds (by the car park) and development by the existing gazebos with fireplaces. In the upper part of the site, the dominant element is to be an avenue along the existing (heavily overgrown) paths - this will have a didactic function. It will be made of old varieties of pear, apple, plum and cherry trees. We have also planned beds of edible and ornamental plants corresponding to the existing plantings. There will also be a Raspberry Labyrinth. In the lower part - by the gazebos - we'll create space for growing herbs, which can be used as additions to the dishes prepared in the hearths.

We are also planning plantings of fruit bushes such as kamchatka berry and Japanese quince. We will place plaques with QR codes next to the plants - they will redirect those interested to our website.


Create something special with us!

​We are open to cooperation - we conduct a wide range of activities, from creating school gardens through lectures, and workshops, to educational campaigns. We encourage local government units, schools and educational institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, private persons, companies and the business environment to contact us.


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