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Edible Landscape

The presentation, "Instruction manual for a low-budget rural community garden," was given as part of a dendrological evening organized by the Student Scientific Society ARBORIS. In the presentation, you will see photos of the implementation of this year's community gardens, which were created as part of the Edible landscape project.

On April 1, Mariusz Antolak was a guest of Radio Olsztyn station. 📻 We talked about the Edible landscape project in the "Closer Encounters" broadcast. 😊 

A broadcast with Meloradio, in which the president of the Foundation, Mariusz Antolak, talked about our project!

Meloradio interview 11.04.

On July 10, Mariusz Antolak visited Radio Olsztyn again. During the program "Czas na Ogród", produced as part of the "#WyzwanieJestemNaTak" series, Mariusz hosted Małgorzata Sadowska-Bartoszewicz in our foundation garden and talked with her about family games in the garden. He also encouraged visitors to visit community gardens in the vicinity of Olsztyn, created as part of the Edible Landscape project. 

On June 9 on Meloradio Station, Mariusz Antolak, the President of our Foundation, gave another interview. 😊 The topic of the conversation was food production on balconies, inextricably linked to our Edible landscape project this year. We invite you to listen to the interview - to make it more interesting, we've added some pics from our activities! 

Meloradio interview 09.06

We try to talk about the Edible Landscape project wherever possible! An interview with Mariusz Antolak, President of our Foundation, appeared in the May issue of Newsweek Polska Magazine. Mariusz spoke with Karolina Rogalska about the Foundation's activities. 

Karolina Rogalska. What drives them? The Social Activists of the Year 2021 ”. Newsweek Polska, 20/2022 16-22.05.22, pp. 30-33. 

On May 18 and 19, Mariusz Antolak was a guest at Meloradio Station, where he once again talked about the #EdibleLandscape project. The broadcast was also aired on Radio Zet. ☀️

Video: FAM agency

May/June 2022

The latest issue of Gazeta Gietrzwałdzka has published another article related to the activities of our Foundation, which mentions our Edible Landscape. 

On May 18, Gazeta Olsztyńska published an article describing the Edible Landscape project we are working on this year 🌿 The interview was given by a certain MICHAL Anatolak... 😂 

On May 15, during the implementation of the community garden in Naterki, we were visited by a journalist from Radio Olsztyn. The next day, the radio station aired a program on the Edible Landscape project - excerpts to listen to below!

On May 24 on Radio Olsztyn, the President of the Foundation - Mariusz Antolak, talked about the Edible Landscape project and the cultivation of edible plants on balconies. If you didn't have time to listen to the broadcast, nothing was lost - check it out below!

There is a growing buzz about our Edible Landscape project 🙌 Mariusz Antolak recently talked about it on TVP3 Olsztyn. The interview starts around the 21st minute of the program. 📹 Enjoy! ❤️

#EdibleLandscape on tour 😉 On May 18, a mention of our project appeared in the online edition of the University of Warmia and Mazury News Magazine. 🔥

We invite you to watch a short film presenting the profile of Mariusz Antolak, President of our Foundation. The film was created for the Newsweek monthly gala, during which the Social Activist of the Year awards were presented. The film presents a lot of shots from the implementation of the Edible Landscape project.


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