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Edible Landscape
School in Sząbruk 

Gardens at the School and Kindergarten Complex in Sząbruk

The first attempts have already been made to see what a school garden at the School and Kindergarten Complex in Sząbruk could look like. The proposal was developed by Małgorzata Tercjak under the supervision of Mariusz Antolak as part of the engineering work carried out at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the University of Warmia and Mazury.

The major part of the planned development is at the school building and the gymnasium. In the space between the buildings, there are boxes made of pallet collars where vegetables and herbs can be grown. Apart from the utility function, they will also serve an educational purpose. In addition, the project includes ornamental plants, such as rudbeckia, hosta, geranium, fruit trees, and shrubs. A "Green Class" was also planned, which would serve as an external classroom. Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have enough funds to build the tables, but we are waiting for your support. Maybe the Parent Council or the sponsor will be involved in the project. 

The author of the visualization: Małgorzata Tercjak

On May 10-11, we set up an edible community garden as part of the Edible Landscape project we established at the School and Kindergarten Complex in Sząbruk.

We were able to do this thanks to the involvement of local residents, parents of students, the students themselves, and, as always, the reliable Sząbruk Volunteer Fire Department. 

On May 10, we met at a gardening workshop and prepared the area for planting. We unclogged the ground, assembled boxes for growing vegetables, and cleaned and leveled the area. 

On May 11, together with the school students, we managed to finish the work started the previous day.

We planted hundreds of plants. Most of them were edible, but we also expanded the garden with some ornamental ones. We planted peas, radishes, lettuces, onions, cabbages, and kale in boxes. We also planted rhubarb, Kamchatka berries, currants, raspberries, gooseberries, apple trees, and huckleberries... We will soon show you how the garden looks after a few weeks of growing!


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