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Edible Landscape
Sząbruk Community Garden - Forest Glade

On May 13, we welcomed more visitors to our Forest Educational Glade "Permaculture Station" in Sząbruk! We held our traditional exploratory walk and a new feature in the form of a plant swap. We exchanged plants, talked about organic gardening and the Edible Landscape project. The Foundation's guests had the opportunity to see educational charts about unconventional dishes made from plant leaves, flowers and shoots.

As you may already know, we really like each other with the Olsztyn Association of the Deaf! Therefore, we could not miss them and this year at our Forest Educational Glade "Permaculture Station" in Sząbruk. May 27 was very intense and fun! Thus, members of the association became part of our Edible Landscape project and within the framework of the meeting had the opportunity to taste how the meadow, forest and garden tastes. We organized a cognitive walk, in which we talked about organic gardening, mulching, soil building, manure. We recognized and tasted buttercups, spruces, pines and many other unusual plants. We talked a lot about garden pests and looked for ways to "fight" them. We also talked about invasive species. For dessert we tasted pine trees! tbc.

We continue our report on the visit of the Olsztyn Association of the Deaf to Sząbruk. The Du Photography took us so many photos that we couldn't fit them in one post (for which we thank you!).

The cognitive walk through the Forest Educational Glade "Permaculture Station" in Sząbruk was long. On the way to the kitchen garden, we encountered so many plants that it turned out that growing vegetables and fruits in the vegetable garden is hardly necessary ;)

In the utility garden we continued chatting about pests. We talked mainly about aphids and invasive species of slugs. Workshop participants learned why it's sometimes a good idea to let vegetables bloom and saw how cut grass can be used in the beds. On educational boards they learned about recipes for tasty dishes made from flowers and weeds. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the manufacturers of the racks for these boards: Garden Jewelry. They are doing a great job!

Of course, our receptionist, Nero, didn't leave our side anytime soon! tbc.

Continued reports on the visit of the Olsztyn Association of the Deaf to our garden. In addition to a exploratory walk through the ornamental, forest and utility gardens, we managed to conduct quite a few activities that were aimed at both children and adults. We showed and explained the rules of the game of our favorites: kubb and croquet. Sylwia, Karolina and Paulina prepared and led a lot of very interesting activities. A very busy day was also had by our receptionist Nero, who passed the dog therapy exam with honors! After a long scramble on our permaculture lawns, it was time for a delicious pizza from Pizzerri Beautiful Bridge.

By the way, thank you Miroslaw Arczak for supporting our meeting! tbc.

As the visit of our friends from the Association fell the day after Mother's Day, together with the children we decided to prepare small plant surprises for mothers in the form of tobacco!

Ornamental tobacco, as it is referred to, is a beautiful ornamental plant that smells extremely strong in the evening and is suitable for growing both on balconies and in gardens.

We mainly grow it in the vegetable garden, where it makes our evening walks more pleasant! The children prepared cuttings of these wonderful plants on their own and handed them to their mothers! May they grow and smell beautiful.