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Edible Landscape
Community garden in Nowa Wieś

On 6 May 2023, another gardening workshop led by the Foundation's President, Mariusz Antolak, took place in Nowa Wieś. The meeting was part of the Edible Landscape project, and we organised it in cooperation with our partner, the Nowa Wieś Nowalijki Housewives' Association.

As part of the meeting, we planted trees, shrubs, vines and other edible plants. We created boxes for growing vegetables and herbs from pallet extensions. In a little while, Circle members will be able to use the fruit, flowers and leaves of, among others, citronella, actinidia, currants, mulberries, nuts, mullein, ginkgoes, apricots, apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees, pear trees in their culinary experiments... In a few moments, the boxes will be full of greenery: lemon balm, lovage, mint, peas, radishes, dill... The list goes on. We also hung birdhouses and bat shelters. There was also an exhibition of educational boards with recipes for dishes made from edible flowers, weeds and trees. We like coming back here! We carried out the first work in this garden back in 2012.


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