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Edible Landscape
Community garden in Unieszewo

The village beach in Unieszewo, Barwiny Beach or maybe Cherry Beach? We are talking about the same place! We want to mix things up a bit here this year! As part of the Edible Landscape project implemented by our foundation, we would like to realise an edible 'community garden' together with the residents of the Gietrzwałd and Stawiguda municipalities and plant some edible plants on the beach.

The initial proposal was developed by Małgorzata Tercjak under the supervision of Mariusz Antolak as part of her engineering thesis at the University of Warmia and Mazury, Landscape Architecture. The elements, which make up the landscaping, were located by the hearth area next to the car park. One of the proposals is a row of cherry trees planted along the existing dirt road. Behind this, a bed of raspberries may appear by the existing arborvitae. Fruit shrub planting is planned around the hearth, separating the space around the hearth from the dirt road. In the upper part of the area, there is space for growing vegetables in the form of crates made from pallet extensions. These are three crates set side by side. The planting in the crates varies in theme, which is differentiated into herbs and spice plants, strawberries and mint. An information board may appear next to the crates, and behind them were plantings of chokeberries.

Author of the visualisation: Małgorzata Tercjak

We like Unieszewo so much that we have decided to realise as many as two gardens in this village! In addition to the beach project, we also want to realise an edible 'community garden' by the gazebo in the village centre.

There will be new plantings of fruit trees and shrubs, a space for birds (along with plants they like), a pumpkin bed or tall ornamental plants such as mallows and lilacs.

Author of the visualisation: Małgorzata Tercjak

On the 22nd of May, 2021, we once again came to Unieszewo! 🌞 The weather was again more friendly to the plants being planted than to us, but we did great. 🌿 We planted another edible community garden as part of our project 🌱

We planted currants, chokeberries, gooseberries, raspberries, mulberries, viburnum, apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, rowan trees on Barwiny beach. 🍎🍒 We have also traditionally set up some raised beds here to grow herbs, strawberries, and annual vegetables. 🍓After the hard work, it was time to feast by the fire!

Thanks to @unieszewo for the photo documentation 📸


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